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The solutions, reports and analyses we offer are tailored to the individual needs and requirements of our clients. Below we present flagship services and studies addressed to employees of banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses and other entities operating on the financial market.


INFOBANK is an online benchmark service that allows you to view and compare competitors' offers on an ongoing basis. It is addressed to advisors who can thanks to it better argue the benefits of a given offer and product managers who gain professional support in the process of creating products.

As part of the website, users receive a preview of the conditions of the products offered by the competition and access to source documents (tariffs, regulations, general insurance conditions), as well as press information.


SERWIS PBC is an internet app giving access to analytic benchmark reports, studies on marketing communication and to market research. It simplifies pricing for private or affluent clients and small entrepreneurs and enables being up to date with the most important news concerning the financial sector, getting an outlook on other companies’ sales, prices and product policy.

The platform gives access to demo versions of all prepared reports as well, which enables users to preliminarily get acquainted with the issue presented in a chosen material.

Serwis PBC


BENCHMARK analytical reports are unique, objective and comprehensive analyses of the retail offer of banks and macroeconomic trends in the sector.

They facilitate the optimization of price parameters of basic retail products for individual and affluent clients as well as small entrepreneurs in the area of deposit, personal accounts, loans and credit cards.


ALERT marketing communication reports are cyclical notifications of changes, new products and promotions in the banks' offer.

They present comprehensive marketing communications including, among others, television, radio, press, Internet, websites, branch leaflets as well as social media and mailings.


EXACT reports are prepared based on market research (mystery shopper, FGI, CATI, CAWI, etc.) aimed at identifying credit, sales, product and price policies.

Previous projects included the following issues: price optimization, examination of the credit process, document requirements, assessment of creditworthiness of borrowers' groups and their risk, activation and retention processes.


Our goal is to help build lasting competitive advantage by providing knowledge, information and data about the market and competitors' offers. Thanks to our benchmark reports and specialist comparative analyzes, we give an overview of the sales, pricing and product policies of other companies.

Comprehensiveness, accuracy and timeliness Learn more We guarantee our clients a full range of services related to obtaining information on competitors' offers. Starting from monitoring electronic channels, collecting data covering price parameters of offers, through researching sales and price policies through mystery shopping, ending with active internal advice on creating or changing the current offer.
Professionalism, experience and independence Learn more Professional Benchmark Consulting is primarily a team of professionals whose knowledge and many years of experience working in retail and investment banks, investment fund societies and leading consulting companies enable the development of unique benchmark reports.
Optimization, usability, saving time and money Learn more We make every effort to ensure that our benchmark reports and ad-hoc analyzes are of the highest quality. We constantly improve the form of data presentation and content of publications, flexibly responding to changes in the market and in the offer of companies. The uniqueness of benchmark reports has been achieved mainly due to the active participation of our clients in their development.
Quality, uniqueness and advancement Learn more Market research, comparative analyzes, benchmark reports, systematic tracking of market trends and competitors' actions can lead in the short term to an increase in revenues due to price optimization by 10%. In the long run, this is the way to lasting competitive advantage.


Many years of experience, practice, focus on customer needs, insight, knowledge of the financial sector allowed us to gain the trust of many institutions. With us they have complete and current knowledge of the market and competitors and successfully optimize costs while strengthening their market position.

Agnieszka Lichosik
Agnieszka Lichosik
Business analyst,
Katarzyna Próchniewicz
Katarzyna Próchniewicz
Business analyst,
Edyta Giedyk
Edyta Giedyk
Business Analyst,
EXACT market research
Anna Stańczak
Anna Stańczak
Business Analyst,
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The advantage of cooperation is timeliness, flexibility, a great understanding of the issues in the implementation of research and analysis, and a broader research perspective on interesting business issues.
The prepared materials contain comprehensive and reliable data. Another advantage of cooperation is the timely delivery of ordered reports and a broader research perspective on the business issues of interest to us.
High quality and timeliness of the services provided allowed to reduce the labor intensity and speed up the timing of preparation of analyzes at the Bank. PBC flexibly adjusts its services to the Bank's requirements and proactively reacts to the reported needs - most often proposing the best solutions.
We highly appreciate the professionalism and the way the company works, in particular its openness to the need to adapt the products delivered to the current needs of the recipient and a wide database allowing the implementation of individual orders.
The data provided, research reports and analyzes contain comprehensive and reliable data and information. The advantage of cooperation is timeliness, flexibility, extensive understanding of the issues of research implementation and preparation of analyzes as well as a broader research perspective on the business issues that interest us.
Orders and analyzes are carried out within the set deadline. The advantage of the company is the uniqueness of services and the scope of data it provides. Alior Bank appreciates the cooperation and quality of services provided by Professional Benchmark Consulting.
The data provided, research reports and analyzes contain comprehensive and reliable data and information. The advantage of cooperation is timeliness, flexibility, a great understanding of the issues in the implementation of research and analysis, and a broader research perspective on interesting business issues.

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